Quaker Wedding Certificates - Wright and Craftsman

Frank L. Wright was a forward looking architect whose designs still appear modern even though some of his buildings are over 100 years old! Wright beleived the whole house should be designed along with its furnishings and decoration. His stained glass windows were the inspiration for our Wright style certificate decoration.


Jennifer and Noah really like the work of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and asked that their certificate reflect Wright's style. Their text was lettered in Palomares style and their names in a style called Dyer. Below is a closeup of the top.



Eric and Piero wanted their certificate decorated with the Frank Lloyd Wright style of decoration we did for another couple a few years ago. They wanted the warmer colors seen here. the text is lettered in the Palomares hand with their names and the first initials of the text in a style called Dyer.

Arts and Crafts or Craftsman style followed the lead of William Morris of England who believed household furnishings and decorations should be well made and of simple but beautiful lines. American Craftsman style decoration was the inspiration for our Craftsman certificate decoration.


Kristin and Katherine really like the Craftsman style that was popular a century ago. They asked that their certificate reflect this. The text is lettered in Palomares and the names were drawn in the Dyer style with boxed decoration for each initial. A closeup of their names and the floral decoration in the middle is below. The piece was done on white paper and was approximately 22"x30".











Donna and John wanted the craftsman style decoration but with the uncial style of lettering.


Leslie and Kati wanted a Craftsman certificate with some cacti in the initials instead of the usual flowers that I use. They asked that I put some at the bottom too. The text was lettered in Palomares style. Scroll down to see some close-ups.


Left to Right, Decorated initial, cacti in lower left corner, cacti in lower right corner.


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