Hand Lettered Books

Book of Recognition

A synagogue near us contacted us to create a book of recognition. The community had moved into a new building a few years ago and wanted to thank all those who contributed to the project. All the names of people who gave to the fund are listed in this book. Working with the people at the synagogue it was decided that the decoration on each page would be a painting of one of their stained glass windows. These windows had been removed from the old building and installed in the new synagogue. All 250 names were handlettered in the book and the above introduction page was lettered as well.


Hand lettered Book of Ecclesiastes

The Ultimate Gift for the Book Lover

A hand lettered, hand-bound and illuminated copy of the Book of Ecclesiastes. Lettered and illuminated in the Carolingian style (8th - 10th cent AD). Bound in brown leather, illuminated with 23k gold leaf. Lettered on 100% rag paper.

Here are 5 pages from it to give you an idea of what the book is like. Just scroll down to see them.

Title Page


Hand lettered Poetry Book

In the spring of 2001, I completed a hand-lettered book of poetry. The poems were written by Nate Klingenstein for his girl friend. It was hand bound and covered with royal blue velvet. The placement of the poems on the pages was Nate's choice.


Folio 1


Folio 2



Folio 3


Folio 4


Folio 5


Folio 6


Folio 7