Quaker Wedding Certificates, Omega Style

The Omega style of decoration consists of flowers or other decoration approximately 3/4 of the way around the text. The sheet is designed with the decoration and text at the top and the signature area below the omega.



Jennifer and Benjamin wanted a border of wildflowers that were typical of the states where they were born; Colorado and Kentucky. The flowers they chose were columbine, Indian paintbrush and lupines for Colorado and ironweed, Queen Anne's Lace, goldenrod and black-eyed Susans for Kentucky. The lettering is "Palomares" with the names lettered in "Merced".

Here is a closeup of the flowers.



Halie and Thomas were married on the beach in Mexico and they wanted their certificate to reflect that. See below for some close ups. This certificate was done on Pergamenata parchment and is approximately 30" x 40"

Here is a closeup of hibiscus, plumeria and a lizard.


Below is a closeup of the top of the certificate with calla lilies, stargazer lilies and amaryllis.



Pamela and Louis are biologists working in Mexico. They asked for delphiniums, shooting stars, ferns, black-eyed Susans, harebells, trillium and Indian paint brush. As biologists they also wanted some insects and great green macaws. See below for closeups.


Rachael and Daniel wanted something to reflect their Irish backgrounds. I gave them some knots and some red dots around the initials of their names. Their guests signed in the blank space below the blue knot and the bells of Ireland.

Below is a closeup of their names, the Bells of Ireland and the knotwork.

Here it is signed and framed.


Left: detail of the flowers

Rebekah and Kristian asked for an omega that was made up of asters, blazing stars, black-eyed susans, purple cone flowers and ironweed. This was done on Stonehenge paper and was approximately 22" x 30". To the left is a detail.


This couple asked for an omega that incorporated birds (wren, robin and Eastern bluebird ), a wooden cross and delphiniums, daisies, daffodils, lavender, Queen Ann's lace, lilies of the valley, forget-me-nots and wheat.

They also asked for a butterfly and a spray of flowers above and below the guests' signatures. We added a lily of the valley to the initial beginning the last sentence,

This couple wanted an omega with blue and white flowers. They asked for blue and white hydrangeas, blue tweedia, white stephanotis, blue delphiniums, white roses, white trillium, bluets and blue-eyed grass. While looking for Appalachian spring wildflowers I found one called Quaker Ladies and I put that in too.

They requested that it be lettered in brown ink. Fortunately, I was able to find a nice archival brown.

This is a rather large certificate, approximately 30" x 40".

They got married on July 7, 2007 or 07/07/07 and they asked me to work this into the design. I did this on the planters that hold the topiary trees at the bottom of the certificate.


You may not think of using apples as a decoration element on a certificate, but this couple did. These are Granny Smith apples scattered in with the many flowers. These include hot pink gerbers, light pink gerbers, hot pink spray roses, white wax flowers and green roses. The green apples have just a blush of pink. The initial letters are pink also. See below for details.



 Below, Heather and Steven wanted a lush circle of flowers that included sunflowers, coneflowers, irises, delphiniums, forget-me-nots and black-eyed susans. This certificate was done on Pergamenata parchment paper. It is a heavy-weight paper that has the translucent quality of authentic old parchment. It was 30"x40".

Here is a closeup of the bottom right part of the certificate


A Japanese teahouse was the backdrop for this couple's wedding. We painted the bridge in the garden and the teahouse in two pictures in the omega. The calligraphy is Palomares hand in English and Spanish.


The calligraphy in this certificate is Uncial. Celtic knots grace the top and mid part of the certificate while daisies and sunflowers round out the decoration. Don't forget the tandem bicycle.


Sheila and Miller wanted an omega style certificate with Queen Ann's lace, daisies, sunflowers, and violets. The text is lettered in the Vivaldi hand.


Anna and Justin wanted daisies, roses, snowball flowers, dragonflies and bees to decorate thier omega style certificate. The text is lettered in Palomares hand. They added some small sprays of flowers to finish the decoration.


Melissa and Robert wanted their certificate decorated with a tartan in a ribbon woven through the flowers, daisies and, at the top, the knot design from their wedding rings. The rings were designed by Jeanette Walker Jewelry. The text is lettered in Palomares hand and daisies decorate the initials beginning each part of the text.

This couple wanted their certificate to include many of their memories from the past. This is the second marriage for both of them. We like including special items like this but each one adds cost to the final. The lettering style is Palomares Hand.

Miriam, Rebecca and Robin asked for an omega made of mulberries, purple irises, jewelweed, willow fronds, apple blossoms and daffodils. Their certificate was done on Pergamenata parchment and is approximately 30"x40".

Below is a close up view.


Sarah and Michael asked for an omega with just a few roses twined around it. The text is lettered in the Palomares hand.

Here's a closeup of it.



Jill and Shawn asked for sunflowers, pink-wine calla lilies, red roses, ferns, daisies, wheat and shamrocks. They also wanted some knotwork, a humming bird and frogs incorporated into the design. The calligraphy is in Vivaldi style. The certificate was done on Pergamenata parchment and is 30" x 40".

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Here are some close ups:



The triangular knots were used to divide the text.


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