Quaker Wedding Certificates 2009 and 2010


The certificates you will see below are just a few of the certificates I did in 2009 and 2010. Most of these certificates are 22"x 30". For prices, see the Quaker Wedding Certificate Prices Page. Many of the certificates shown have decoration under the space for the witness signatures. These are shown completely. Some of these pictures show only the top part of the certificate. The empty area for the signatures was cropped in order to concentrate on the top part.


Bekkah and Steven asked for a swage on their certificate. They wanted it to include magnolias, blue hydrangea, red carnations and some ivy and magnolia leaves.


Meghan and Nicholas love hiking through Washington's state parks. Their certificate was designed to show one scene from a park with a hiking trail. They also mentioned they wanted a red barn at the bottom. I asked if they had a special barn they wanted shown. They sent a photo of this barn. It was the site of their reception!

Details of the hiking trail and barn.


Eric and Piero wanted their certificate decorated with the Frank Lloyd Wright style of decoration we did for another couple a few years ago. They wanted the warmer colors seen here.


Julia and James were married under the arbor in the painting at the top of their certificate. The mule deer may not have attended the ceremony, but they do appear in the painting. Nine irises on each side and nine lotus blossoms represent 09-09-09, the date of their wedding. This is repeated in the vines between the passion flowers at the bottom of the certificates. Hummingbirds and butterflies round out the decoration at the top. Also a small reflection of Ankor Wat shows where they met.

Details of the deer, the arbor and the lotus blossoms with the reflection of Ankor Wat.


Molly and Joseph were married at the vinyard in the painting at the top of their certificate.

Below are details of the vinyard and the flowers at the bottom.


Here are some certificates from 2010:

Erin and Brendan liked the trees on the William Blake certificate we did a few years ago. This version has the trees the same on both sides. Their text was all lettered in the Vivaldi hand.

A Japanese teahouse was the backdrop for this couple's wedding. We painted the bridge in the garden and the teahouse in two pictures in the omega. The calligraphy is Palomares hand in English and Spanish.

The certificate above and the one below were "Just the Facts" certificates. The calligraphy is the Palomares hand above and the one below has Vivaldi. Lisa and Rex wanted a starfish on the beach in the center of their certificate while their flowers frame the corners.

This couple wanted a river scape scene with one of the trees "escaping" the picture to grow beside their names. A colorful bunch of flowers separates the couple's signatures from those of the witnesses. Oak leaves and acorns finish the lower part of the certificate.

The calligraphy in this certificate is Uncial. Celtic knots grace the top and mid part of the certificate while daisies and sunflowers round out the decoration. Don't forget the tandem bicycle.



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