Check out the Quaker Wedding Certificates from 2011.

These are a few of the certificate we did in 2011. We did many new designs and variations of our other designs. All these certificates were created by hand.


This certificate was ordered by Laura and Shawn. They are both lawyers and work in the courthouse shown in the painting. They wanted the certificate to look like a poster from the old west so all the lettering and decoration was done in brown. They sent a modern photo of the courthouse and asked if I could delete the "modern items" like traffic signals and light poles.

Sheila and Miller wanted an omega style certificate with Queen Ann's lace, daisies, sunflowers, and violets. The text is lettered in the Vivaldi hand.


This couple asked for a landscape to represent the area around their home in Madison County, Virginia. They also wanted some bluebirds, cardinals and a goldfinch. Their text is lettered in Bastarde and their names are in Merced hand. This is a "Just the facts" certificate.

Jennifer and Calvin wanted a certificate to show their Celtic backgrounds. They wanted yellow roses, Celtic knots, shamrocks, a Celtic cross and the Claddagh at the top in the middle. Their text is all lettered in Palomares hand.

Kent and Sean wanted a painting of their house and their garden. Their wedding was held in the garden under the arbor. The prairie shown at the bottom represents a prairie behind their home they are working to restore. The text was lettered in Uncial and their names were lettered in Half-uncial.


Rebecca and Ruben asked for a wooden cross, sunflowers, daisies, roses, geese and ...more bicycles? These are bicycles from the Neatherlands.

Anna and Justin wanted daisies, roses, snowball flowers, dragonflies and bees to decorate thier omega style certificate. The text is lettered in Palomares hand.



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