Our Latest Certificates

Here are some examples of Quaker Wedding Certificate we have completed over the past few years.

Grace and Joshua wanted a certificate with a reprentation of the four elements in alchemy: water, fire, earth and air. The circle at the top combines symbolic representations of the elements in their traditional colors, the four season and the phases of the moon. Flowers include Queen Ann's lace, Hood strawberries, sweet peas and ferns representing their home in Oregon. Josh, origionally from Texas, wanted Blue bonnet and blue thistle. The lettering style is Vivaldi.

This couple wanted birds of paradise and palm leaves decorating the Omega. The text is lettered in Bastarde hand in blue ink and orange initials for their names to reflect the birds of paradise. Instead of vows, a song by Van Morrison gives inspiration.

This couple contacted us to create a printed cetificate. They wanted the fall leaves landscape across the top and leaves in the lower corners to finish it. The computer font is Quincy and their names were set in Merced. They wanted the names colored in the same orange as in the trees.

They also wanted a program to include the artwork of the certificate. The cover showed the orange trees and the inside had the full landscape across the top with the wedding program and songs sung during the service. This was created in a jpg format which they took to a printer. The same fonts were used in the program as on the certificate.

Married 50 years, Bob and Hannah celebrated the milestone with a party at the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York, painted in gray at the top. Since the party was held after Christmas, holly decorates the certificate. The text was lettered in Lydian style.

Jessica and William wanted their certificate to celebrate the fall season with a colorful leafy arch. The lettering is hand done in a style called Lydian.

This couple wanted the Two Trees design to be drawn as two grapevines with maroon grapes and their names in the same color. Their real names have been changed here.

Sanford and Thomas wanted to keep it simple with the scrollwork at the top and roses in the large initials being the only decoration. In keeping with simplicity, Bookhand was used for the text.

Maggie and Joel combined Jewish and Quaker traditions for a unique design. Flowers flanking the landscape of Webb Lake and Mount Blue in Maine, include daisies, forget-me-nots, black-eyed Susans, and purple violets. These are all wild flowers from Maine. The barn at the bottom is where they had their celebration. The calligrphy is Bookhand for the text and names.

Trillium, California poppies, dahlias, forget-me-nots, lilacs, crocosmias and lupines decorate the omega style cetificate of Sarah and Jesse. They liked the Vivaldi calligraphy style.

This couple was married at Ash Cave in the Hocking Hills in Ohio. Navaho rug designs were printed as a border first. We made the rugs fade into the background. Then the painting of Ash Cave and the fall leaves were added at the top. Ash Cave is a rock overhang with a thin waterfall. The lettering is in brown ink to go with the rest of the decoration. The couple also liked George Fox's quote and it was added to the bottom of the certificate. The lettering style is Vivaldi.

This couple wanted a certificate handlettered in the Bastarde hand on a print of another artist's drawing called the "Tree of Life". I explained because the art may be copyrighted the couple would have to ask permission from the artist to use it as a wedding certificate. The artist provided a high resolution jpg file for me to print. Below is the copyright information. There is a "use fee" which may be paid to the artist.

The "Tree of Life" artwork is copyright protected ©2015-2020 and owned solely by the artist, Anushree Santhosh. All rights reserved. Copying and/or distribution of artwork is legally punishable. For licensing artwork, contact artist through her website: www.anushreesanthosh.com

Deborah and Thomas wanted the Two Trees border with paintings of their dogs at the bottom. I place one under each tree. The lettering style is Vivaldi.



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