Quaker Wedding Certificates: Two Trees (William Blake)

This style of wedding certificate features the two trees growing on the left and right with the branches meeting at the top. You may vary the type of tree as long as the basic layout stays the same.


Allison and Paul both like William Blake and wanted their certificate to look like one of his illuminated poems. Blake wrote a poem called The Lamb which he decorated with a tree like this. Blake lived in the early 1800's and wanted to revive the style of the old illuminated Bibles. He printed his own books decorated with hand colored prints of his decoration. The Bookhand style of lettering seemed to go well with it. Scroll down for a close up of the initial O.














Initial O with William Blake's "joyful child".



Erin and Brendan liked the trees on the William Blake certificate we did a few years ago. This version has the trees the same on both sides. Their text was all lettered in the Vivaldi hand.


Another couple liked the trees on the William Blake certificate but wanted to change them to maple trees. This was the drawing for that decoration.


This couples decoration consisted of the trees turned into paper birch trees with colorful fall leaves. They also wanted two special symbols done in gold: the moon and a wave. The names and text have been removed at the request of the couple.


This couple wanted flowers mixed in with the leaves. Bookhand was used for the text and their names are lettered in Bastarde with decorative initials known as Uncial Gothic.

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