Pets on the Certificate

Many couples want a painting of their pet on the certificate too. I can paint a picture of your best friend from a photograph. Here are two examples:

We need a good clear photo to create a good painting. It is often hard to get just the right shot of a dog or cat, in that case send photos from different angles.

Try to take the photos as close as possible, this gives the most detail.

Get down "on the pet's level". This helps eliminate the "foreshortening" problem where the head and nose are real big and the feet are tiny.

Try to take the photo where you have good lighting from the side. This give better contrast and shows details better.

If your pet is light colored, have a darker background, dark pet, light background. This provides good contrast.

We know, it is not always possible to follow all these tips, but kept them in mind and you will get better pet photos.


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