Quaker Wedding Certificates, Circle Style Decoration

The Circle style decoration consists of flowers or other decoration in a circle or ellipse around the text. The sheet is designed with the decoration and text at the top and the signature area below the circle.

Kelly and Jeffrey asked for a floral circle with the heart knot at the top. They also desired a bluebird, a dragonfly, a wooden cross, wheat, a terrapin, sunflowers, black-eyed susans, delphiniums, forget-me-nots, harebells, daisies, irises, asters, lupines and ferns. We managed to get it all in and still have a balanced design. The lettering style is Vivaldi Hand.

This couple needed room for a lot of signatures and the certificate was approximately 30" x 40".



Rory and Roy had an artist design a special logo for their wedding. That's it in the red and yellow circle at the top of their certificate. Below is the detail. In the center is the sun with the face of a lion. To the right of the lion is a blue crescent moon. Around the sun and moon are leaves representing the four seasons, dragonflies and acorns.

From the bride and groom:

"Ivy leaves point the four directions, enveloped by a
fiery ouroboros with a flourish of oak leaves and
dragonflies, symbolizing earth, a stabilizing backdrop
for air, free and open communications.
This circle of life, at it's core, is the hot lion sun
and cool organic moon representing Tod and Rory, exude
and absorb, surrounded by swirls of wind and water,
day and night, entwined for eternity."

From Steve at Calligraphica:

I colored the logo like the four seasons. The snow flakes were added next to the Winter part of the logo and the bee is next to the Spring part. The snake is red and yellow to represent the flames. The Ouroboros is an old symbol in Alchemy usually shown red and yellow in the old manuscripts. I liked how the sun became the lion. Alchemy manuscripts show the sun being eaten by a lion. I enjoyed working on this one! I also would like to mention the artist and thanks to the artist and bride and groom for their very kind permission to share this special artwork on our website.

Here is the e-mail address for Paige Bauer, who designed the logo.



The flowers for Ann and Kilian's circle came from Ann's bridesmaids. She asked each of them for their favorite flower and had me put them in the circle. The flowers are stephanotis, heather, forget-me-nots, tulips, roses, calla lillies, sunflowers, wild irises, daisies, daffodils and lavender.


Lilia and Humberto wanted a floral circle with pine boughs. "Pino", the groom's name, means "pine", hence the pine boughs making a heart at the top and more at the bottom of the certificate. The pine cones are of course symbolic of little pinos.


Humberto belonged to a fraternity whose symbols include the snowy owl at the bottom and the black diamond around the puppy's neck. The puppy, Bacchus, belongs to the couple. There are closeups of Bacchus, the owl and the circle above.

 James and Sandra wanted a circle instead of an omega. It was done on Pergamenata parchment. They also asked for an extra spray of flowers in the signature area and at the bottom of the piece. The calligraphy is Palomares' Hand. They asked for Stargazer lilies, stock, lilacs and roses. Here are some close-ups of them. The finished piece is 30" x 40".

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