Quaker Wedding Certificates, Landscapes

If you want a painting of where your wedding took place, or your home, or a favorite vacation spot, your home town or even your grandmother's garden... all we need is a good clear photo and it can be painted on your certificate.

 Erica and Andrew wanted a victorian feel to their certificate and they also wanted a picture of the gazebo where their wedding took place. See the closeups below.

Lydia and Michael wanted a landscape across the top of their certificate. They also asked for a path that started in the body of the certificate and wound up into the mountains as a symbol of their life together.

See below for a detail of the landscape. 


This couple wanted a picture of the church where they were married. The lettering style is Vivaldi and it was done on Pergamenata parchment. The size is approximately 30" x 40". There is a closeup of the church and the cross are below.


 Amy and Kim wanted their certificate to look like a watercolor painting that they had. The painting itself was fairly vertical, just a few trees and rocks. Steve was able to add to it so that it could go across the top of the piece.

They also asked for some purple flowers trailing a little way down the side.

There are some closeups below.




This couple was married in Bayfield, Wisconsin. They wanted the Apostle Islands across the top of their certificate. These islands are near Bayfield and the couple loved this view of the area. They also wanted some flowers to decorate the bottom of the certificate. Below are details.











This couple was married in Washington D.C. in the spring. What better way to decorate their certificate than to have the cherry blossoms in bloom with D.C.'s monuments as a background? The text is lettered in Palomares Hand and their names were lettered in Merced. The quote by George Fox finished the certificate across the bottom.


Meghan and Nicholas love hiking through Washington's state parks. Their certificate was designed to show one scene from a park with a hiking trail. They also mentioned they wanted a red barn at the bottom. I asked if they had a special barn they wanted shown. They sent a photo of this barn. It was the site of their reception!


Julia and James were married under the arbor in the painting at the top of their certificate. The mule deer may not have attended the ceremony, but they do appear in the painting. Nine irises on each side and nine lotus blossoms represent 09-09-09, the date of their wedding. This is repeated in the vines between the passion flowers at the bottom of the certificates. Hummingbirds and butterflies round out the decoration at the top.


Molly and Joseph were married at the vinyard in the painting at the top of their certificate.

The text was lettered in Palomares with flowers decorating the beginning initials.

Below are details of the vinyard and the flowers at the bottom.















This couple wanted a river scape scene with one of the trees "escaping" the picture to grow beside their names. A colorful bunch of flowers separates the couple's signatures from those of the witnesses. Oak leaves and acorns finish the lower part of the certificate.


This couple asked for a landscape to represent the area around their home in Madison County, Virginia. They also wanted some bluebirds, cardinals and a goldfinch. Their text is lettered in Bastarde and their names are in Merced hand. This is a "Just the facts" certificate.


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Kent and Sean wanted a painting of their house and their garden. Their wedding was held in the garden under the arbor. The prairie shown at the bottom represents a prairie behind their home they are working to restore. The text was lettered in Uncial and their names were lettered in Half-uncial.


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