Quaker Wedding Certificate - Map Decoration

A few couples have asked for their certificate to be decorated with maps. The cartographic motifs have included paintings representing very old maps, navagational charts, old ships, compass roses, vintage aircraft, and decoative frames.



Mary Beth and Matthew love to travel so they wanted their certificate to reflect this. They sent me pictures of old maps and asked if I could work that motif into the design. Since old maps often have their title in an ornate medallion, I used that as the text area and put the map around it. See below for some closeups.


This certificate was done for a couple who were renewing their vows. They live on Cape Cod but he was from Cornwall in England and they wanted this reflected on their certificate. Their meeting house is shown in a closeup below.

This certificate was 22" x 30".

This couple loves travel and vintage travel posters. They wanted the old planes and map to show this. The lettering in the text is Palomares and their names are dome in Merced Hand. Each of the initials has a north arrow in it as decoration. See details below.















 Below, Kristen and Edgar wanted a variation of the map certificate. Their names and vows are surrounded by the scroll type frame seen on old maps.

A number of cities have been added to the map. These show where their families originated. This was done on Pergamenata parchment and was approximately 30" x 40". Their names were lettered in a style similar to that used on old map for the title and the rest of the text is lettered in Vivaldi.


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