Quaker Wedding Certificates: Other Styles

You are not limited to the standard design styles, so couple like part of one style and part of another while others create something unique.

 Many times we get requests to illustrate the certificate with a picture of the wedding's location. This couple wanted to show the art work that decorated the inside of the chapel where they held their ceremony. Below are two of the photos they sent to show the artwork in the chapel.













Here is the finished certificate with a picture depicting the decoration across the top and showing the plant motif from the chapel, down each side. The couple liked the style of the lettering in the Craftsman certificates for their names, and the rest of the text is the Palomares hand.


Below are some close ups.



Sara and Michael wanted a certificate with palm trees on the left and beach-related things in the initial letters. All the text is in the Palomares style. The certificate is on the right and closeups of some of the initial letters and the beach scene at the bottom are below.



This couple wanted Indiana wildflowers in an asymmetric design on top and bottom with a symmetric spray in the middle. The calligraphy is Bookhand.


This certificate was ordered by Laura and Shawn. They are both lawyers and work in the famous courthouse shown in the painting located in Lawrence, Kansas. They wanted the certificate to look like a poster from the old west so all the lettering and decoration was done in brown. They sent a modern photo of the courthouse and asked if I could delete the "modern items" like traffic signals and light poles. They liked the Vivaldi hand for their text.


Rachel and Daniel wanted a wintery, Christmas scene with red roses and variegated holly. They also wanted a snow scene with pine trees going down the sides of the signatures.



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