Quaker Wedding Certificates

 Wedding certificates are a vital part of a Society of Friends (Quaker) wedding. There usually is no real officiant. Instead, members of the congregation must sign the certificate thereby indicating their consent to the marriage. Most of these certificates required 7 - 10 days to complete due to the intricate decoration.

See the Quaker Certificates Prices page.

Included in the price is a kneadable eraser and pens for your guests to use. The eraser is good for erasing the grid that I lightly pencil in for the signatures. The pen is easy to write with and the ink is permanent, lightfast, smudgeproof and acid free. Since I use acid free paper, and waterproof, lightfast ink to letter your certificate, it should be around for your great-grandchildren to argue over which one inherits it.

Most of these certificates are approximately 22"x 30" or 24"x 36". Most need to be fairly long to accommodate all of the signatures. I did not show the lower part of the certificate if there is no decoration at the bottom.

 Please Read

Some of the names have been blurred or changed at the request of the couple.

As an artist, I want visitors to my website to see as much of my work as possible. By commissioning me to create something for you, you are tacitly giving me permission to display this artwork on my website.

Like many artists, I am a bit absent-minded and I may forget to ask your permission, so if you do not want this or if you want your names removed or blurred, it is up to you to let me know.

Need help designing your certificate? Don't know where to start? Write for our e-brochure and check out our Designing Your Certificate Page. We have sample texts you may use and point you in the right direction to help you create the perfect Wedding Certificate.

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 What is a Quaker Wedding Certificate?

Usually hand made, the Quakers (properly called the Religious Society of Friends) have a marriage certificate with the date, names of the couple, their vows, and decoration. The couple signs and then everyone in attendance signs the certificate as witnesses. The couple has a complete remembrance of their wedding in a work of art they can frame and hang in their home. Like the Jewish ketubah, it is a document that is treasured and handed down as an part of family history.



 The Quaker Wedding Certificates have become very popular. Unfortuately, some people wait until the last minute to contact me. If you want to make sure that you get on my calendar, please give me enough notice. I like to have 4 to 6 weeks if possible. If this is not possible, go ahead and contact me anyway. Sometimes I have cancellations or I can squeeze in an extra one here and there. We also have the printed certificate option (See below).


Time running out?

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 Did you find our site "too late"? Is the wedding getting close and you haven't thought about your certificate? Is the budget tight but you still want a certificate? We still may be able to help. Now you have the option to have printed decoration with hand lettered text. If time is really short we may be able to print decoration and text. Check our special "Computer Aided Decoration" page to see how this option may save time and money.