Quaker Wedding Certificates, Floral Swag Style

The floral swag style is meant to represent a rope of flowers draped over the corners of the certificate and hangs down to decorate the text on three sides. You may choose your own flowers and colors. Below are examples of the popular decorative style.


Melissa and Miguel study oak forests and fungi. They wanted something in their certificate related to that. They also wanted their cat, a nopal cactus, a shining sun and a garland of apple blossoms, amaranth, hydrangeas, lilacs, ferns and oak leaves. Below are some details.


 This couple were married in the Fall and wanted oak leaves in a swag with Fall colors. The calligraphy is the Palomares Hand.




See below for a detail of the leaf decoration.




Eleanor and George wanted gingko leaves in a swag across the top and small sprays dividing the different parts of the text.

They had two ceremonies and needed space for two groups of guests to sign.







Detail of the swag of gingko leaves at the top of the certificate.


This next couple were married in Williamsburg, Virginia in the Wren Building at the College of William and Mary. They wanted this historic building shown on the top of their certificate. They also wanted stargazer lillies, irises and other flowers in a swag. I tried to give the whole certificate a Colonial style. They had family members sign between the single flowers located just below the text and the rest of the guests signed below them. The text is lettered in Vivaldi Hand. See below for details.





The flowers in the swag.

The Wren Building at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, where the couple was married.

 This couple wanted mostly greenery with little oranges, or clementines woven in. They are avide bike riders and wanted to include a tandem bicycle. They asked if I could draw an older bike from the 1950's, 1960's era. I found a picture of and old bicycle but it was not a tandem. I drew it longer and added another seat and handle bars to make it a tandem.

The text is lettered in Vivaldi style. Scroll down for close-ups.

 This couple wasn't sure what decoration they wanted. They just said,"something blue; maybe morning glories." So that's what they got. This is the Swag Style decoration. This paper was 22"x30".


A closeup of the morning glories




Ian and Molly wanted Celtic knots in the corners and flowers making the rest of the deoration. This double swag frames the wording and the signature area at the bottom. The calligraphy is Vivaldi.

See below for a detail of the corner.







Bekkah and Steven asked for a swage on their certificate. They wanted it to include magnolias, blue hydrangea, red carnations and some ivy and magnolia leaves. The calligraphy is the Vivaldi hand.


The Florentine style swag has colorful acanthus laeves as seen in old manuscripts.

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