"Computer Aided Decoration"

We have always been proud of the fact that we are one of the few artists who offer wedding certificates completly done by hand and to your special ideas and needs. We realize, however, sometimes time gets short or the budget become tight. That is where Computer Aided Decoration can help. Now you have the option to have printed decoration with hand lettered text, or printed text with hand painted decoration. If time is really short we may be able to print decoration and text.

We have designed and painted over 700 Quaker Wedding Certificates over the years. Most of them have been scanned full size and high resolution into our computer. The art work from these certificates can be personalized and printed on our large printer. It prints full size 22" x 30" sheets or larger. The ink used is called "pigmented" ink. Most ink jet printers for home use have dye-based inks. These can run or smear if it gets wet. Dye-based inks can fade too. Sure, it may take 50 years to fade but we wanted to find the highest quality possible. Pigmented inks will not run or smear and with proper care will not fade. The supplier says they should stay bright for 200 years!

We were contacted on a Wednesday by this couple. They had contacted another calligrapher to create their certificate but at the last minute the other calligrapher was unable to complete it. The couple wanted to know if we could help. Trouble was, their wedding was that coming Saturday. This meant the certificate had to be completed and shipped out the next day. We told them we could do that if we could print the certificate. They agreed and the result is shown above.

I asked them to send a text file with their wording just as they wanted it on the certificate. I told them I would edit line length and placement. I gave them samples of different fonts and they picked the one they wanted. I asked them to pick out a decoration for their certificate from the certificates on our website and I would print that decoration along with their text. They liked this landscape. I put everything together on the computer that evening and sent them a mock up. They were pleased with that. Thursday I printed the certificate, drew pencil lines for the signatures, packed it and sent it overnight. The couple received it the next day and in time for their wedding.

Below are some other examples of decoration that may be printed on your certificate.

This arch and spray design is called "Fruit and Ferns". We have strawberries, sweetpeas, raspberries, cherries, ferns and others.

This omega decoration is called "Grapevine and Spring Flowers"


This is a swag decoration called "Cross, Fall Leaves and Evergreens". It has an extra long spray which may be used across the bottom, or left out.


Want something a little softer? This arch and spray called "Pastel Flowers" may be the right one for you. It has roses, sweetpeas, peonies and other flowers.

Here is an arch and spray called "Coneflowers and Birds". Besides the coneflowers, it has Carolina jasmin, wood sorrel and salvia. The bird is a cedar waxwing.

Above is a swag design that may be printed around your text. This is called "Florentine Swag".

This decoration is called "Tree Background". It can be printed to fit around your text. The couple signs on either side of the trunk and the witnesses sign in a space below the roots.

Here is a landscape for the top or bottom of your certificate. Is is called "Lake Landscape."

This landscape may be printed on the top or bottom of your certificate. Is is called "Fall Leaves."

This is the "Morning Glory" border. Your text and witness signatures are surrounded by this border.

The above Omega style decoration is called "Succulants and Flowers".

This "Flowers in the Corners" decoration can be printed on top and bottom of the certificate or just the top like a swag.

These are the "Cascade Mountains" in Washington. Add this landscape to the top or bottom of your certificate.

Any of the decorations you see above may be printed as the decoration on your certificate. You may also choose from most of the other certificates on our website. Just email us with the last names of the couple whose decoration you like. We will be able to give you more information on how this works.

Our standard price for prints or part print and part hand done, is based on your choice of one of the decorations above, or one of the certificates from our website that we are able to print with your text. If you want decorative elements from two or three different certificates put together for your certificate, there will be a "cut and paste" charge of $50. We can put the elements together in PhotoShop to create the decoration you want, however this does take extra time to create.

We have many more designs then we can show here. If you don't see what you want, please describe what you would like, we may have something close that we could print for you.