uaker edding ertificates

Below are some examples:

 This particular certificate was done for a couple who met in a park where there were lots of poppies, lupines and ferns. When they got married they wanted those same plants on their certificate. Sara said that she wrote the text herself. The size was 22"x30".

James and Sandra wanted a circle instead of an omega. It was done on Pergamenata parchment. They also asked for an extra spray of flowers in the signature area and at the bottom of the piece. The calligraphy is Palomares' Hand. They asked for Stargazer lilies, stock, lilacs and roses. Here are some close-ups of them. The finished piece is 30" x 40".


 Below, Heather and Steven wanted a lush circle of flowers that included sunflowers, coneflowers, irises, delphiniums, forget-me-nots and black-eyed susans. This certificate was done on Pergamenata parchment paper. It is a heavy-weight paper that has the translucent quality of authentic old parchment. It was 30"x40".

Here is a closeup of the bottom right part of the certificate

 Michelle and Adam wanted a tropical feel to their certificate, so I used hibiscus, bird-of-paradise, swiss cheese plants, mother-in-law tongues and palm fronds. There are some caladiums and ferns in there too. This was 22"x30". The lettering is Palomares with the names in Blackletter.


Here is a closeup of the painting at the top of the certificate

 Sarah and Michael asked for an omega with just a few roses twined around it. The text is lettered in the Palomares hand.

Here's a closeup of it.

 Tammy and Paul took elements from some of my other certificates and put them together to come up with something quite unique. The gold parchment was 19" x 25".


Jill and Shawn asked for sunflowers, pink-wine calla lilies, red roses, ferns, daisies, wheat and shamrocks. They also wanted some knotwork, a humming bird and frogs incorporated into the design. The calligraphy is in Vivaldi style. The certificate was done on Pergamenata parchment and is 30" x 40".









Here are some close ups:



The triangular knots were used to divide the text.


David and Susan wanted ferns, lupines and roses in the painting at the top of their certificate. Scroll down to see a close-up of it. Since I was able to use the drawing from the Lauber-Moses certificate, the price for this was less than the standard certificate of this kind.









Jennifer and Gregory's certificate is done on ivory paper with yellow roses, lady's mantle, lilies of the valley, sweet peas and chrysanthemums. They didn't want a circle or omega, so I gave them an arch and a spray of the same flowers. The text is lettered in the Vivaldi style and the names in Merced. The size is 22" x 30".

 Abby and Nathan wanted pictures of prairie flowers. There are cornflowers, black-eyed susans, purple coneflowers, Queen Ann's lace and prairie blazing star. There is also a rabbit in the lower part of the painting. The calligraphy is Vivaldi. This was done on ivory paper and is 22"x30".

 Lisa and Jonathan didn't want much in the way of decoration, just yellow roses and some scrollwork at the top to give it a slight Victorian feel. This was done on ivory paper. The font is Vivaldi. The size is 22"x30".

 Miriam, Rebecca and Robin asked for an omega made of mulberries, purple irises, jewelweed, willow fronds, apple blossoms and daffodils. Their certificate was done on Pergamenata parchment and is approximately 30"x40".

Below is a close up view.


The flowers for Ann and Kilian's circle came from Ann's bridesmaids. She asked each of them for their favorite flower and had me put them in the circle. The flowers are stephanotis, heather, forget-me-nots, tulips, roses, calla lillies, sunflowers, wild irises, daisies, daffodils and lavender.


The text is lettered in the Palomares' Hand.

 Rachel and Daniel wanted a wintery, Christmas scene with red roses and variegated holly. They also wanted a snow scene with pine trees going down the sides of the signatures. There is a closeup of the top decoration below.






Jennifer and Benjamin wanted a border of wildflowers that were typical of the states where they were born; Colorado and Kentucky. The flowers they chose were columbine, Indian paintbrush and lupines for Colorado and ironweed, Queen Anne's Lace, goldenrod and black-eyed Susans for Kentucky.


The certificate was done on Pergamenata parchment and is about 30"x40". The lettering is "Palomares" with their names in Merced.




Here is a closeup of the flowers.



Kristin and Katherine really like the Craftsman style that was popular a century ago. They asked that their certificate reflect this. The text is lettered in Palomares and the names were drawn in the Dyer style with boxed decoration for each initial. A closeup of their names and the floral decoration in the middle is below. The piece was done on white paper and was approximately 22"x30".



Rachael and Daniel wanted something to reflect their Irish backgrounds. I gave them some knots and some red dots around the initials of their names. Their guests signed in the blank space below the blue knot and the bells of Ireland.


To the right is a closeup of their names, the Bells of Ireland and the knotwork.


Here it is signed and framed.




Margaret and Zander love the beach and wanted a tropical feel to their certificate.


This couple wasn't sure what decoration they wanted. They just said,"something blue; maybe morning glories." So that's what they got. This is the Swag Style decoration. This paper was 22"x30".


A closeup of the morning glories

To see more certificates, the chart below shows examples of our many standard styles. For other information, see the links at the bottom of this page.

Omega Style


Circle Style


Landscape Style


Floral Top or Flower Garden


Floral Swag Style


Floral Arch and Spray Style


Two Trees Style or "William Blake"


Frank L. Wright Style


Four Corners


Craftsman Style


Tree Background


Map Style


Leafy Arch


"Victorian" or Text Only

 Other Styles


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