Envelopes, Invitations, Maps, Weddings, Parties Etc.

One of the most impressive things you can do as far as your wedding (or Bar Mitzvah or party etc.) is concerned is to have your envelopes addressed or your invitations hand lettered by a calligrapher. Not a computer, but a real person.


Names and/or addresses have been changed or omitted on many examples in order to protect the privacy of the persons concerned.



 Have a lot of out of town guests? We can create a map to include in the invitation. Let us know what landmarks to include. We will design a map especially for you.


Above is the wedding invitation we did for this couple. They wanted the lettering to be Palomares with the flowers in the corner. We did the original by hand and scanned it into the computer. We printed the invitations on an embossed card stock which came in a set with matching envelopes.













Here is the wedding invitation my husband designed for our wedding. It is printed on a Baronial card, heavyweight card stock paper with Intaglio embossing (a raised "frame" around the outside of the card).



This is the outside of an ivitation we did for a couple. The English words are in "Vivaldi" and are a loose translation of the Hebrew.

This set includes the invitaion, RSVP and reception card done in blue with a gold effect printed decoration. Everything here was printed from the computer.







A bride's "Thank You" card. Inside is blank.

 This bride really liked the mediaeval look. The set I did for her consisted of an invitation, response card and thank you card.



 I made these images large so you can see the details.


Other Wedding Goodies

 This is the program cover I did for my cousin's wedding. I adapted the corner drawings from those on her invitation.



This is a program cover for a wedding that I recently did. It is on white linen finish paper.

Place Cards and Escort Cards



Placecards, escort cards and table numbers may all be handlettered and decorated in any style. If your wedding has a theme and you want to "name" the tables, we can design for that also.

 Seating Charts



Seating charts may be ordered with the text printed and the decoration painted by hand. Please email us for prices and more details.




Below are samples of the most requested lettering styles for envelopes.

 This font is "Palomares"


 This is "Vivaldi"






 This is "Corkscrew"


 This is "Gothic"

 This style is "Rok"

 This style is "Lydian"

 Wedding Poetry


I lettered this piece for a bride to give to the groom. It is lettered in Palomares. It was 16"x20" when matted.

 Here is a poem I did for a bride to give to her parents.

The size was 16"x20" matted. The lettering is Palomares.

Special Gift For The Bride And Groom!

Want something special instead of a guestbook? We can print a poster sized photo of the happy couple. We can print names and date if you want. Your guests can sign in the white area around the photograph. You will have a unique keepsake that you can hang on the wall instead of the traditional guestbook that gets thrown in a drawer.

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