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This is an example of a Fraktur or Pennsylvania German wedding certificate. The Fraktur style of wedding certificates (also birth and baptism certificates) originated among the early German settlers of Pennsylvania and Ohio. They were popular beginning in the 1750's when the Germans began coming to Pennsylvania in large number. They remained popular into the 1850's when printed certificates became easier to procure. They would often commemorate the important events in their lives with these certificates. The style became known as Fraktur because of the "broken" or "fractured" appearance of the letters. The colors on this one are traditional. It can be done as a Quaker certificate also.






I did this certificate for a couple who liked Irish art. The green knots are from their wedding invitation. Their names went in the space above the knotwork at the bottom. The piece is approx. 20"x30". The lettering style is Uncial.

 A friend of this couple contacted me about doing a certificate for them. She wanted something that would represent the ethnic backgrounds of the bride and groom; Ireland (Celtic cross and shamrocks) and Austria (edelweiss).


My husband created this certificate for our wedding. It is on rag paper and fits in a 16"x20" frame. It is decorated with watercolors. The large initial "B" is gilded with 23-K gold leaf.


Kabot-Totarsky Certificate

This couple asked for a rather simple, easy to read certificate. It is on 11"x14" gold parchment paper with watercolor decoration.



Small Mediaeval Certificate

This is a small, medieval style certificate. It is lettered in Roman versals and Bastarde letters and decorated with watercolors and gold ink. It also fits in an 11x14 frame.





Smith - Hostnik Certificate

This is quite similar to the other large parchment certificate above. It is on 19"x25" gold parchment with ink and watercolor decoration. There is a large space left after the wording for witness signatures. The pictures in the border can be anything you want. The colors used are also up to you.















Reich - Schwartz Certificate

This is the certificate that appeared in the book, "A Bride's Guide to Simple Calligraphy". It is on 19"x25" gold parchment paper. It can be customized to have any colors, flowers, or illustrations you want. Since we both love books and calligraphy, we used a book and an inkwell.

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